How to clear clipboard history in Windows 10

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The Windows clipboard is a tool we use every day. In fact, we often use it without even realizing it. This happened in text editors and spreadsheets. It is common to copy images, text, or formulas and then paste them into another application. All these copies and paste actions are saved in the Windows 10 clipboard app. Therefore, it is possible that a lot of data is collected. And consequently, an error message may appear. Or it may happen that the used app slows down. To prevent this from happening, let’s see how to clear the clipboard history in Windows 10.

Clearing the clipboard history in Windows 10.

It is well known that to paste copied content there are two main ways. First, you can use the Ctrl+C combination. You can also press the right mouse button and choose the Copy option. On the other hand, the procedure for deleting the clipboard history is very simple. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the tool is active. To do this, press Win+V and see what message appears. If the tool is enabled, then you will see the history. If it is not active, then you will see a notification message.

Consequently, you just need to activate them by clicking on the Activate history button. The clipboard history has a very practical use. And it is that we can browse through all the content that has been previously copied. In addition, by clicking on any item, it will be automatically pasted into the application that is open in the foreground. This is a very useful option to carry the same information to different applications. Follow the steps below to delete clipboard history in Windows 10.

  • The first thing you have to do is to enter a text editor. Microsoft word for example. Once there, please access the clipboard panel located in the upper left corner.
  • Once the history is displayed, you will see multiple options. Please just select Clear all.

Using selective deletion from the clipboard.

With the above steps, the Windows clipboard history is completely erased. However, it is also possible to make a selective deletion. That is, deleting individual items from the history. To do this, you must once again open the app by pressing Win+V. Then browse through the items. Next, select the item and use the 3-dot menu to delete it. All right, so we’ve seen how to clear the clipboard history in Windows 10. These tricks will make your life easier. In addition, they will increase your productivity when working with Windows 10. See you later!

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