Most Popular Domain Types


In my previous article on domain names and hosting, I have discussed the purpose and use of domain names. Read it here it will help you in understanding the domains so that you can understand the types easily.

There is various type of domains, that is used to register a website on the internet. When we start writing a URL our fingers automatically type .com after a website name but this is not only a web domain. There are various domains, used for any type of website. Some domains are used for special websites, such as educational and entertainment. Most of the domains are used for all types of websites. The domains are classified into popular categories. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Top – Level Domains:

Most commonly used domains such as .com .org, .net are some top-level domains. These are the highest level because they are most commonly used. They are designed to be used with a special type of website due to which they are used commonly:

.com is most commonly used domain because it is used for business websites. .net, .co are two famous web domains used by companies. .org is used by NGOs and other not-for-profit websites. Similarly, .edu is a very famous web domain used for educational websites. So, these web domains are designed for a common type of website related to various fields. Due to which they are considered top-level domains.

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD):

Some domains are restricted to countries that can use them. Citizens of that specific country use those website domains only. The ccTLD help users identify website is linked with which country, e.g. .us domain is used with US websites. Although, there is no restriction that US businesses or other website owners can only use this domain they can use any TLD.

Generic top Level Domains(gTLD):

Generic top-level domains are just like top-level domains. Domains are also TLDs but all TLDs are not gTLD. These domains do not belong to a country or region. These domains can be used by any company or organization. That meeting the registration requirements of it.

The websites are registered according to their purposes.

When a website is designed its purpose or niche is described first. It help in understanding in which category (company, business, online store, education, entertainment, not for profit) website lay. The domains are purchased by the domain providers. This is done after deciding domain that suits the website. In this case, price is not considered. It is not compulsory that cheapest domain is purchased. The domain that meets the requirements is purchased. Domain providers have various type of packages depending on monthly or yearly subscription. The domain can be purchased with hosting facility as well. But it will cost extra charges according to subscription.


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