The best free plugins for WordPress in 2021.

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Hello! WordPress is one of the best solutions for content management. Indeed, this program allows you to create a blog or website from scratch. Moreover, you don’t need to have a lot of experience and the process is fast. Moreover, it has a lot of plugins available. They allow you to add many features. In addition, some are free and others are paid. Today we will see the best free plugins for WordPress in 2021.

Yoast SEO

Certainly this plugin is a must have for any WordPress based project. In fact, it is my first choice on my server. It is well known that SEO positioning is capital for the success of any website. Yoast SEO is vital to achieve it. In addition, this plugin is able to influence the most relevant onpage optimization factors from the backend. It also allows you to edit meta titles and descriptions. It even allows you to manage links, permalinks and use XML sitemaps.

W3 Total Cache

A high number of visits is very important for a website. However, sometimes this can overwhelm the server. This is where W3 Total Cache comes into play. What it does is to temporarily store the data of a web page. Consequently, on the next visit, the request to the server will not be made. Specifically, this extension generates static HTML pages. Thus, the loading time is reduced and the overall performance of the web page is improved.

Antispam Bee

Authors constantly deal with spam messages. Therefore, a common solution is to require captcha verification. However, this can be annoying for some users. That’s where Antispam Bee comes in. This plugin blocks spambots before they manage to access forms or comment fields. In addition, it can check the archived pages of a blog. Additionally, it displays a daily updated statistic of the spam detection rate. And of course, it shows the total blocked comments.

Broken Link Checker

If you’ve managed a blog, you’ll know how annoying broken links are. Indeed, they are frustrating for readers and give a negative signal to search engines. It looks like the website is neglected or inactive. Logically, as the site grows, it becomes very difficult to check the links manually. So, Broken Link Checker regularly checks all the links on the website (including those in the comments). If it finds any faults, then it notifies the site administrator.

Table of Contents Plus

Content indexes are excellent for organizing a blog or the pages of a website. They help the reader to quickly understand the structure of a text. They also help search engine crawlers to classify the content. Table of Contents Plus automatically creates a table of contents. For this, it uses the titles already defined in the text.


This plugin brings Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to any WordPress project. Its purpose is to offer mobile devices optimized content that loads quickly. When used, it automatically generates AMP-compatible versions of all pages in the project. Undoubtedly one of the best free plugins for WordPress.


As you receive visitors, it is advisable to integrate a discussion forum. This way you provide a discussion platform or a meeting point in case of questions or problems. This plugin can turn an existing project into a forum. It also allows you to add one to a web page with the possibility to customize it completely. It is even possible to edit it as an open forum or one that requires registration.


This plugin creates a fully functional online store. It also allows you to manage the most relevant commercial processes. For example, product range, shipping, order fulfillment. It also allows you to customize the navigation and design of the store. By default, the wizard generates a main menu with the following elements: Store”, Shopping Cart, Checkout and My Account. The free version is more than sufficient for small businesses. However, for larger commercial solutions, paid add-ons are available.


Thus we have seen the best free plugins for WordPress in 2021. Of course, there are many more options. However, we believe that this selection will allow you to get your WordPress project on track. Please follow our updates to keep learning more about the world of web hosting. Bye!

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