What is the domain name and how it works?

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A domain is a name that represents a website. It is used to address the website. Whenever a user searches for a website he or she enters the domain name into the search bar. Domain names are the unique identifiers of every website. They are used to describe the internet servers which website is demanded by the user. Next, we will see what is the domain name and how it works.

Process to load a website

Whenever a user wants to see a website on internet the name of website is typed in the search engine. After that a series of steps are performed to load that website in the systems of user. The steps are described below:

1: The user types a URL or a name of website.

2: The DNS server of user side checks if the domain name is present in its database or cache. If the domain is present the website is load on computer of user. Otherwise the DNS server sends a request to another DNS server.

3: When the request matches with a DNS cache the website is returned to the users DNS server.

4: The DNS server then sends information to the user computer, and loads website content to the system of user.

Working of Domain Name

Domain name working is the same as working of IP address of a machine. Such as a machine is identified by its IP address. That is used to communicate with the machine. Domain names are also used to identify a website and search it in the vast worldwide web. Where millions of websites are registered with their unique domain names.

The data of a website is stored in a server that has a unique IP address. When a user needs to see the website it can be fetched by using the IP address of that server. It is not easy for users to remember long and difficult IP addresses of all websites they want to visit. For solving this problem domain names are used which are human-friendly, easy to remember, and have a specified meaning which match the idea of a website. By using these domain names the user can easily fetch the website from the internet.

DNS Working

When a domain name request is generated it is transferred to a server called the domain name system of DNS. That contains the domains searched by the users. The DNS then translates the domain name into the IP addresses. So that it can find the device with a matching IP address. Once the IP address is matched, the website data is fetched and displayed on a system of the user.

How to get a Domain name?

There are various companies that provide IT consultations. These companies often provide domain name and domain name hosting facilities. The hosting facility is not provided when the domain name is registered it is an extra service. But the website domain name buyers can request for that as well. The hosting of the website is sometimes outsourced to hosting providers. Sometimes it is hosted by the buyers of the website. Hosting and domain name providers give packages for a domain name and hosting services. These packages are very economical as low as $2 to $20 per month.

Domain Name Extensions

The domain names are registered with different extensions such as .com, .in, .net, .pk, etc. Some extensions are designed for special purpose websites such as .edu is often used for educational websites. Some countries have their own domain extensions. Those extensions are commonly used with websites of those countries. The most commonly used extension is .com, but other extensions are also being used on various websites. All right, that’s all for now. We have seen what a domain name is and how it works. Before I say goodbye I invite you to see our post about what is web hosting. Bye

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