Why didn’t Windows 9 exist?

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Hello! Most of us know the evolution of the names of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Indeed, since Windows 7 there is an upward pattern that culminated with Windows 8.1. And it is to be expected that the next operating system will be called Windows 9. However, that did not happen. Next, we will unveil why Windows 9 did not exist?.

The doubt still lingers. Why didn’t Windows 9 exist?

In fact, there has never been an official statement from Microsoft. However, there are some signs to look for answers. First, Windows 8 was a resounding failure. Since Microsoft tried to bring the touch environment to desktop computers. Therefore, it completely eliminated the conventional desktop. In effect, it replaced it with a screen full of square icons containing different apps.

This was very confusing for most consumers. Consumers expressed their dissatisfaction with the change. There were many complaints about the elimination of the Home menu. So many were the criticisms that the Start button returned in version 8.1. However, the damage was done and this feature was doomed to disappear. Surely the aspect of Windows 8 is one of the most resounding failures of Microsoft. This would be one of the reasons for the non-existence of Windows 9. Since launching a product similar to Windows 8, with only one number difference, could be confusing. Consumers might think that it is just an upgrade and not a completely new system. So it would generate some kind of rejection.

This makes a lot of sense. Since Windows 10 is a completely different system than its predecessor. And this difference is correctly perceived from the name. In addition, the number 10 means excellence, perfection, and quality, something that we all perceive without realizing it. On the contrary, 9 is very close to 8. And we all know that 9 does not reflect the perfection of the number 10.

The past is also another important reason.

It is possible that Windows 9 has not been used because it is similar to names used in the past. Such as Windows 95 or Windows 98. Being separated by a single number to these versions, then there could be problems with third-party products and programs.

Therefore, the programs may not work properly. Since many software could take it as referring to the 95 or 98 version, it is likely that the best way to prevent that from happening was to release a new count of Windows 10.

In short, these are the most accepted theories. However, they remain mere speculations. And they will remain so as long as Microsoft does not make an official statement. However, it is enough to infer why Windows 9 did not exist. Bye!

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